Head change on a DCC 130 without any problem


In the videos regarding the 1. and 2. generation DCCs I have seen that the head has always to be changed with the read/write board.

I bought a DCC 130 with a broken head flexcable. I transfered the assembly with the pinch rollers etc from my donor DCC and it worked without any problem. So I was a little suprised.

The current (no punt intended) situation is different. When you are replacing the head in a first or second, third and fourth generation player, it will, most likely, always play, but not always record.

You will have to adjust the read-write board to the head, sending the right amount of current for recording. In the service manual it states, that you always have to replace the head and read-write board together, but that is really not needed (nor available).

So the 130 head replacement should always work. You can transfer that head also in to the Panasonic or Victor portable.