Hackaday SuperCon 2022: Jac and Ralf Explore the Secrets of the Digital Compact Cassette

In November 2022, @drdcc and I gave a presentation at the annual Hackaday SuperCon (I know that sounds really weird in French but it’s just short of Super Conference). Hackaday posted an article today with a link to a YouTube video.

Ralf explains what DCC is, how we met, what the history is of the DCC Museum, and I go into some of my DCC reverse-engineering projects.

Check it out here: 2022 Supercon: Jac And Ralf Explore The Secrets Of The Digital Compact Cassette | Hackaday

I posted a link to the PowerPoint slides file as a comment on the YouTube video.



It was simply lovely to share the stage with you.

DCC…… The best is yet to come.


Loved every minute of it!!!
If you are into the nitty-gritty just check it out! Very interesting!!

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