Grundig DCC 305 Pre-Production

Saw this on eBay, in case it is of interest to anyone.
I’m not affiliated with the seller!


To be honest I don’t think it is anything remarkable as it is just a rebranded Philips DCC600. So it could just be a pre-production front-plate and normal DCC600 internals. But it is up to @drdcc to decide if the museum gets it. Thank you for sharing your finding. I updated the title to make it more clear, I hope you are okay with it.


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Thanks for sharing. The original item was supposed to be donated to the dcc museum by a seller in the Netherlands. At the last moment he changed his mind as this dealer made him an offer he could not refuse.

The original seller could not explain the Sticker/provenance For this item. We definitely would love to have taken A peek under the hood, but it did not happen.

Do you expect something to be different on the inside? I don’t.

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Me neither, but from a museum perspective this would have been interesting to take a look. In the samsung we have (based. On the 600) the boards are different.

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The difference on de outside is only the plastic glass, it now clear but to turn the green dig8 in orange there need to be a dark orange plastic glass.
That’s why it’s not that bright in the normal production model.

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