Got a Phillips DCC951, works but no sound


I am fairly new to the DCC format and just recently got my hands on a DCC player. This 951 looks in really good condition but I found that I can’t get any sound out of it. It works (display gives regular information) in that it plays a cassette (regular cassertte as I have no DCC music yet). I don’t get sound from speakers or the headphone jack.

I am not really a technical person so I am wondering if any of you are familiar with this problem. My hope that it is an easy fix that even someone like me can do. Otherwise I will need someone to fix it for me.

Thank you for your responses in advance and I hope to enjoy DCC music soon.



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Hi and welcome.

You first would want to try and clean the head.

Here is a link to a video we did about his topic.


Thank you. I’ll try to clean the heads first. I don’t have any isopropyl alcohol at home so I ordered some. Hopefully can clean it when it arrives wednesday.



An update: So today I cleaned the head with isopropyl alcohol and did in the way suggested in the video. Some considerable grime came off and I cleaned it till there was no more grime. Then after letting it dry I tried it out again with an analogue cassette. Still no sound. Tried multiple tapes from multiple types. Still nothing. Also no headphone jack sound.

Next steps: I am going to get a DCC album soon, so I can test that out as well. I am in contact with a man who is familiar with DCC systems, so I might take it to him if nothing helps.