Gears for all Second Generation DCC Players

We have been working with with Jorn, Harrie and Krzysztof on the new gears for the:

Philips DCC300
Philips DCC380
Philips DCC91
Philips DCC450
Philips DCC600
Grundig 305
Magnavox 600
Samsung RS

The first tests were very promising, but after going into mass production, it looks like the silicon mold can’t be used for more that a couple of gears at a time. We will update you as soon as we are able to release these new gears, as they finally solve the biggest problem for all second generation players.


The new gears are ready and a video can be seen here:

That’s a super solution for this major problem, ( handclaps ) .

My dcc380 still is open, in the place Jorn left it. :rofl:
i will order a new gearwheel so i can fix my 380, instead of
putting back the original gear, wich is still okay, but for how long…
Greetz from the Netherlands, Harrie

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were to buy this gears?
thank you

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Welcome to the forum @sal-1946
Patrons of the dccmuseum can contact us at [email protected] for parts.