Gears failing on the Philips DCC 951 and DCC 730

After reports last year about noise coming from the 3rd generation Philips 951 and 730 during FFW and Rew (not playback), we started investigating. Slawa reported this first and mentioned the cam gear. We now have several units with this problem all over the world.

We have concluded the research and it is indeed the cam gear. It will crack at some point. A similar situation we have with the 2nd generation DCC players.

The good news, is that the cam gear on the 951/730 is easy to access and relatively easy to replace.
Krzysztof and his team have been forwarded this information and we can used harder / basic resin for reproduction. The material can be similar to the Technics AR-1. We will do a few test runs and make them available after being ok’d by the dccmuseum team.

The pictures will show the location for the gear. The video is an example of the sound to be expected when problems do occur.

Pleas let us know if you have a player suffering from this problem


Hi Ralf. I just was looking at one of my older DCC-951s (not the one I purchased from you; one I imported from Europe in 2010) and it is in fact showing a single crack on the cam gear.

It’s only a single hairline crack, so it’s not yet causing any operational issues, but it is indeed apparent and I’m sure it was not there when I last serviced the machine a few years back.

If I’m correct, this gear only drives the take-up spool and rew/ff, so any replacement should not affect playback transport characteristics at all, correct?

I was considering trying to make a 3D print where the teeth aren’t quite as deep as the current gear, as it seems that design is excessive and it isn’t necessary to mesh with the other gear…

Just wanted to mention as I know I had emailed you about the progress of the cam gears before, but now can confirm that I have one “in the wild”.

Yes, you can clearly heat the louder noise When FFW and REW.

We are interested to see if you can make 3d work as we are considering molding. We have so far done a couple successfully but they are still not tested.

Let us know?


Will do, Ralf. It’s a question of time to commit to it right now but I am interested in seeing what works better.

My 951 has this issue. Until now I have not been able to find a replacement.
The noise is obvious with fast forward or reverse, but can also be heard when playing.

I admit the crack is a little hard to see on the photo.
Rregards, Erik

Hi Erik,
We will work on a replacement.


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Hi Ralf,
Thanks for your answer.
And also for your video’s on howto replace belts on various dcc recorders/players :slight_smile:)

Regards, Erik

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Hi Ralf,

Just to let you know I own a 730 with the same problem and very interested on your progress in molding new gears :wink:

Best regards, Henrie.

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Welcome to the forum! The new gears are now available to Patrons of the DCC Museum.