Fun project: created Panasonic/Philips hybrid portable to be able to see tapes while playing

I used the lid of a Panasonic DCC portable (that is disfunctional atm) and put it on top of a Philips DCC130.
It fits.
Now I can see the cover art of prerecorded DCCs, and I can see the tape spinning during play on for instance Maxell cassettes (and a little bit on Philips/BASF/PDM cassettes).



Very nice ! Too bad they didn’t do it in every player !


Yes indeed.

I agree. It would have been great to see the cover on pre-recorded tapes. That was one of the best things about the format.


Yes I thought it was a shame they did not do this on the 170 etc. The last generation portable would have been awesome with a see through window

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