Found some pinch rollers for the DCC portables


I have found a company that makes pinch rollers that looks like are usable for the portable dcc players. If I got it good it needs rollers with the dimensions of 6x6 and a hole from 1.2 mm. These rollers are a exact match.

Company is going to send me a free sample.


Pinch rollers for Panasonic RQ-S line should also work as they shares the same mechanism. They are available.
It would be great to have instructional video from DCC Museum though :slight_smile:


The size is One thing, but The plastic shaft is not even and and has an oddly shaped extra piece. This is very interesting though. Let us know if it works and we can make a video on this topic.

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In order to remove old pinch roller from the player we should remove its metal shaft. Am I right ?
Does it go away when pressed from front to back or other way round ?

I can make a video when i receive them how to change pinch rollers. But first they have to fit :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Tom, I would like to know if you had made any progress on finding pinch rollers that work.
Can you give us an update on your findings.

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I received the pinch rollers this week but its not the right size. I will look further for a good replacement, I wonder what it will cost to produce a custom made pinch roller. Most of the pinch rollers of these devices have a dent in the roller because it was turned off with the pinch roller pressed to the capstan (for many years).

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Hi Tom yes thats the same think I discovered with the pinch rollers got deformed pressed against the capstan. What dcc player did you try the new rollers on?

I tried them on a dcc-170

These will work. It is the same mechanism. I ordered them and the size is right but I didn’t have the time to put them on. They are of good quality too.

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Are you sure? They are 10x10x10…

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Yes, I am quite sure (maybe except of will the plastic part fit the rubber, because I don’t have them apart now). Rubber thickness is about 2 mm.


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I know Marian from fixyouraudio I order much parts for my walkmans there. What is the item ID?

Item ID: 13707