Found a Japanese DCC900 for sale (110w) - anything other than recap likely on this Gen1?

Hi DCCC folk.

Whilst I am looking for a Technics Player/Recorder deck ultimately - I have found nearby a DCC900 which is apparently in VGC / full working order. Appreciating this is a Gen1 unit - other than the re-cap necessary per the link below:

Is there anything else I can expect to have issues with or that might stop me jumping into this unit until I can find my ideal one? I will have to use a step converter from 110 to local 240v (assuming too $ to actually convert over the unit itself). Here’s a pic of the rear of the unit.


Maybe belts and pinch rollers are wise as well.
We have the original 220V transformer, that can be inserted by removing 4 screws and swapping the 100V for the 220V. We have done it several times.

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Wow - that’s awesome. So would make sense (as a patreon) to order the 220v transformer, punch rolls, belts and caps all at once and have a service kit for a technician here in Australia to service for me?

Appreci the quick replies :smiley:

Also - I am worried a little by the apparent corrosion on the lower rear panel screws (and pitting on the RCA outputs id you see the picture I attached), that tells me this has not been as well stored/looked after as the seller is suggesting. Would raise questions over wanting to inspect the internals by removing the lid/cover if this is observable on the rear!

Happy to help.
The screws are copper and not rusted from what I can see.

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Ahh that explains it. Didn’t blow up the pic for a closer look. Cheers.

So am I able please to get a quote as a Patreon for a service parts kit including:

  • 220v transformer switch over from 110v.
  • Replacement Caps set
  • Replacement Pinch Rolls
  • Replacement Belt

Thanks very much. I hope to pick up the unit this weekend and will share it back here :slight_smile:

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Contact us at [email protected] please