Faulty 300 - where to start

well I dug out my old 300 and both the analogue and digital tapes sound distorted - the analogue muffled and the digital ‘bitty and blocky’.
So where to start ? What are the usual suspects? where do I go first?

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Hi @renault , welcome to the forum. I am no expert on the 300 but my guess would check/change the capstan belt, clean the capstans and motor pulleys, clean the pinch rollers and make sure they haven’t got deformed over time. Then give the head a good scrub with IPA on a cotton bud using up and down strokes rather than across the head. Hope this gives you a start.


That should do it! If it doesn’t, the usual suspects… the gear and the pinch rollers. They oftentimes need replacement. @drdcc has them for you!