Different level between left and right channel on DD-82

hi, i 've discovered a little difference between left and right channel on my deck. I made a dcc tape wtth the same tracks on left and right channels, i would want to know how adjust the level on the left channel down to the right channel. Thanks

We have only done this for analog cassette. Never for DCC. For analog it is on the main board.
Download the service manual from our site to look further into this.

Hi, thanks, i think i’ve simply perhaps a level adjustement to do at the L-METER.
Schematics (p21) show this adjustement is independant from the DAC L/R and adjustement of the DAC L/R must be made with a test cassette.
I think it didn’t move and you say never did it.
I’m going to try to connect my deck on my computer to analyze outputs signals with my dcc test, it must be the same.

Hi, i connect my deck on my computer, right and left channels are the same. I think now it’s a small setting to do at the l meter. I m going to see if the difference increase. What are you thinking about this ?