DCCU: New tool for DCC-175 (with PC-cable) owners

If you’re one of the lucky few owners of a DCC-175 with a PC-Link cable, and a Windows 98 computer to use the DCC-Studio software, here is some good news:

I just released the first version of a new tool called DCCU (DCC Utility), at Releases · DigitalCompactCassette/DCCU · GitHub. It is the successor of the DCCConv (and DCCConv32) tool that I wrote in 2003, but the new tool has some cool new features:

  • Conversion from MPP to MP1
  • Conversion from MP1 to MPP (new!)
  • Support for 32, 44.1 and 48 kHz sample frequencies (new!) (*)

(*) Note: Only 384 kilobits per second is supported by the DCC standard.

Converting an MP1 to MPP works, but getting DCC-Studio to recognize it and build a track file for it is a little tricky and you have to do a little bit of “hacking”: DCC-Studio can generate a .TRK file no problem, but it crashes if you try to open an MPP file that doesn’t have a .LVL file. You have to copy an existing .LVL file that’s long enough as a workaround, for now.

The first thing on my TODO list for this project is to reverse-engineer the format of .LVL files and try to generate them myself. Later on, I also want to make an attempt to interpret .TRK file but since DCC-Studio can generate those automatically, that has a slightly lower priority.

Have fun and let me know what you think!


PS By the way, you can generate excellent quality MP1 files from almost any audio file with a tool that includes the LAME encoder, such as dBPowerAmp.


Great work!

LAME afaik does not support MPEG 1 Audio Layer 1 encoding, only decoding. Have you actually tried?

I stand corrected. dBpowerAmp decodes mp1 and has LAME but doesn’t encode MP1.

I used mp2enc to encode the “Bee Moved” 48kHz sample. Mp2enc is part of mjpegtools.

=== Jac

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Wow!! Great news. I just got a 18 year old Sony Vaio laptop with parallel port (barely used, feels like a time capsule!) to start using DCC Studio, but now I’m going to test this first!

Amazing work.