DCC951 No sound but not SMD's

Hi, just thought I would share this. I bought a couple of 951’s recently, both advertised with no sound. I thought this may be an SMD issue but noticed leakage on the digital power supply section of the main board. The two large electrolytics in the picture and the smaller one to left of the bottom one were all leaking so I rerplaced all three. Boom! Sound has returned and the decks are now performing as they should.


2nd and 3rd gen Philips DCC recorders never have SMD capacitors. Congratulations for the successful repair!

Regarding performing as they should, the gear is often broken which causes unnecessary extra noise. You may want to watch this video and compare:

Those three electrolytics usually have dark gooey stuff around them, but that’s just glue, not leaked electrolyte.

That doesn’t mean your fix isn’t valid of course: it’s still possible that the ones in your recorder were giving problems. I just want to point out to others who will read this that they shouldn’t be alarmed by the mess around those capacitors.

I think Max wanted to say “never have bad smd capacitors”.

That’s mostly true because 2nd gen recorders have only through-hole caps on the main circuit boards. But sooner or later the smd caps in 2nd and 3rd gen recorders will fail too.

=== Jac