DCC951 Main board power side modification

Hi All, I recently acquired a DCC951 and found the main board has been extensively modified on the incoming power side and the digital supply area of the board, does anyone know of this modification? I can understand wanting to re-cap but this seems a little extreme, also some caps have been snipped out of the digital supply!

Interesting modifications. I wonder why. Does your 951 have a serial number on the back?
If yes, then this is not a pre-production I believe and would be done afterwards.

Hi Ralf, this is definitely an aftermarket DIY mod!

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That looks super butchered . The was obviously something to do with smoothing DC.
Ive worked with Toshiba manufacturing and various china manufacturers and that is definitely not pre-production

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Hi @winsoxUK , yes its definitely butchered. The wire links under the board have been done to replace damaged pcb track. The damage possibly done by the butcher that attempted this mod as these machines afaik do not suffer from the leaking electrolytic capacitors. Its on the back burner at the moment in a 730 chassis with a good DDU. I might have a go at it one day then that will be 3 x 730’s, 1x 951 & 1 x DD92