DCC91 tape stuck

DCC cassette is stuck in my DCC91. Device starts up with message closing. Then tape blocked. Please advise how to remove it without breaking anything. I ordered belts, which haven’t yet arrived.

Here is a picture of the stuck mehanism inside my DCC91

I see now that the recorderhead is extended below the tape, and the tape is stuck too high in the mechanism

What happens if you -gently- turn the wheel that loads the tray by hand? Don’t force anything though. It is located on the left side, with the front of the tray facing you.


The recorder head is extended, blocking movement of the tray in some way. I can rotate the head, but cannot push it back. I got the tape out, though by removing the top plate.

The best thing to do now, is to take the mechanism apart as if you would replace the gear.
That way the head will come apart from the tray mechanism.

It will not solve the problem, but at least the tape would be free and you can check the gear as well.
This could be part of the problem.

That did the trick. The recording head retracted when no longer blocked. Thanks!

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