DCC900 stops after few seconds

Hello all, I’m trying to fix a defect DCC 900. It was playing well for some hours. The next day it starts playing but stops after a few seconds. I thought it could be the capacitors. So I changed them all (was needed) and made some by-passes at corroded lanes. Unfortunately it didn’t help. I already changed the belt and capstans just to be sure this wasn’t the reason. Any idea what could be the cause? Thank you for your reply in advance. Roel

Never had this situation. If the tape is not looped out/eaten, a sensor problem might cause this, thinking that the tape is not running. Does it play regular analog tape?

Hi Ralf, thank you for your reply. Dirty? Well, a little bit :face_with_peeking_eye:. They smoked 30 years nearby the player. See picture below, never seen a yellow DCC before. Normally I won’t even start on a player like this. It isn’t mine and it worked for a day and then stopped with this issue. Only thing I could try is putting it all in a ultrasonic cleaner. Prints looked fine after my Repair.

Hi Roel,
Please first try to clean the sensors with IPA. For sure they will have a smokey layer :wink:

Hi Henri well I will give it a try and will inform you if it worked.

Update: the flat cable is damaged, therefore I need to wait until I get the replacement part. Does anyone know what the speciation of the flat cable rw to audio board is. I noticed that all the pins are loose on the plastic ribbon. I have seen it before. Is this a know issue of this cable? I can imagine that over time the glue is gone.

I purchased cables for my DCC900 from china via ebay

Look for :
“AWM 20624 Flachbandkabel 4-20Pin FFC Flat Kabel Teilung 0.5mm/1mm 80C 60V VW-1”
I had to specify :
Teilung: 1mm
Typ: A
Pins: 18Pin
Länge: 250mm

Hope this will replace your defective cable.
Bye Michael

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Thank you for your reply, I ordered some at aliexpress. Let’s see if they work. I give an update as soon I receive them. Ralf is also interested :wink:.