DCC900 remote control does not work. Problem within the recorder itself most likely

I recently bought an original remote control for my DCC900 on eBay. It did not seem to work. I found out that the remote control is sending out an infrared signal. So the problem must be most likely in the recorder itself.
Anyone had a problem with remote control not working before? I could not find any info on this forum yet. I’m not familiar with the schematic so much, but perhaps someone can point me into a direction of what to check further? Thank you!

You can check if the infrared receiver connection is lose first of all but it could be the remote or the recorder, the fact that the remote gives some signal does not mean it is the valid code and not some gibberish.

I recommend you get a ESP8266 Tuya based WiFi infrared device for less than 10€ from China if you can wait or a little more than 20€ locally often rebranded as something else but easily recognizable once you know what to look for (SmartLife app and the couple of distinct shapes). There is a script for Linux (can be a VM with a cheap WiFi stick attached to it) to flash it with the firmware Tasmota-IR. It logs all received codes in the web interface and allows you to send codes very easily as well.

I offer to help you as much as you need with this even 1:1 via Skype if you get stuck, my findings are not yet in a refined guide but I know it pretty well.

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I would agree, it’s more likely that the remote control is broken (even if it emits infrared) than the recorder, because the remote uses a crystal or ceramic oscillator to do its timing.

You may want to try a universal remote that can be programmed for Philips/Marantz/RC5 DCC/MiniDisc recorders. The RC5 codes for MiniDisc and DCC are identical. I recommend the Logitech Harmony series universal remote controls (I’m not affiliated with Logitech but I’ve had one for years and I’m very happy with mine, and I know for a fact that it supports DCC)…



This might be too obvious, but did you check the IR sensor switch on the back if it is in the ‘on’ position?
If it is, I would start measuring at the IR circuit to see if any signal is getting into the electronics. Please note that when changing the IR switch, the recorder must always be switched off first.



That’s a good point Henrie is making. If you transmit IR to the DCC900, you should be able to detect it on the remote control bus with an oscilloscope if the receiver is working. If the receiver isn’t working, you’ll just get 0V or maybe a DC voltage on the RC bus.

If you’re transmitting an IR signal to the receiver and it’s putting the signal on the bus, clearly the receiver is working and the problem must either be the transmitter not emitting the right codes (e.g. Because of timing problems) or there’s a problem between receiver and microcontroller.

If you have an oscilloscope, and the rc bus has a signal, probing the RC bus will help you analyze what could be wrong. What you should see is a digital serial signal (without the - I think - 38khz modulation) that’s easy to compare with documentation that you should be able to find online about the RC5 standard.

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My god! :sweat_smile: The IR sensor switch did it. Since I bought my DCC900 about a year ago I never payed attention to it. Since then it was in the off position. And when you mentioned the sensor switch, my reaction was: sensor switch??? Huh??? :rofl: Now the remote works of course. Thank you so much for mentioning this Henrie. :smiley: I really feel so stupid now. :flushed:


Anyway, everyone who replied thanks for helping me out. :smiley:


Good to hear this worked for you and glad to be of help!