DCC900 no longer displays information

Good morning. I have a Philips DCC 900 deck that has the same flaw as the Marantz DD 82 that you showed in the video released on August 4, 2018, that is, it no longer displays the information on the display with the DCC cassettes while the sound is played regularly. I would like to point out that the switches have been checked and cleaned and work normally but the defect persists so I would like to know what it can depend on. Thanks.

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Hi and welcome.

If you are sure that the switches are working correctly, there could be a problem with the head.
Did you clean the head well? We have had this problem once and only a head replacement was working at that point.

Thanks for answering me so quickly!. Unfortunately it could be the head because until some time ago when the defect occurred I cleaned the head and everything went well again but since the problem came back after a while I continued to clean the head until it served no more. The defect has become permanent. So I would like to know if you have the spare head and how much it costs. Thanks again. Francis.

Heads are super rare and mostly coming from donors.

It might be cheaper to find a 900 donor.
I will contact you with options.

Of course I realize it. Philips hasn’t supplied spare parts for a long time, I know it well. However, I would like to be informed if a good opportunity can be found in the future. Again thanks was very kind!.

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