DCC900 Capacitor replacement

Hello I was wondering if there was a diagram that showed the placement of capacitors when replacing them on the circuit boards of the DCC 900 player. I’ve watched Dr DCCs YouTube video on repairing the 900 and ordered the suggested replacement caps, but am unsure of their placement on the boards.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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These are the two boards. You need to replce all the capacitors.

Thank you for your reply.

There are 5 different types of capacitors, how do I know which goes where? Are the existing surface capacitors labelled with the same corresponding markings as the replacements (standard capacitors, not surface mount).

You can replace the existing smd values with regular caps. Just use the same values.

Hello Dr DCC
Today I purchase Philips 900
I removed two audio boards one capacitors broke I don’t know if this still gonna work greenish corrosion is this beyond repair

Leakage looks pretty bad, but to be honest, I have seen worse that we still could bring back.

Please let me know how many and what kind of capacitors I need for Philips 900
Is there one leg positive and other negative or this doesn’t matter how I install them
This audio print boards are some on Philips 900 and Technics rs dc10.?

On the pictures you see 17 SMD capacitors. 15 are polar and 2 non.
Panasonic / any Japanese is a good brand. I would stay away from Chinese versions.

Boards are the same on all first Gen, except for Optimus.

Very important to clean print boards from acid that spills from capacitors q tips green
I still didn’t remove capacitors I don’t have hot air gun I wonder if I can use some other method

You can either cut them off or twist them off. I do not like these methods personally because chances of damaging the boards are higher. Normally it works (tested), but the acid leaking acts like glue and you might tear off the copper pads.

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Hi everyone
After receiving capacitors from museum I hire technician to install them because I didn’t have hot air gun ,after that I install audio boards and nothing no audio whatsoever now I’m trying to make additional bath in alcohol to dissolve leaky acid from this multi layer boards and if this don’t solve problem looks like I’m running out of ideas thx
I hope everyone of you stay safe

Hi Markosz.
That is bad news. In the restoration video of the Technics RS-DC10 it shows that you have to check all side A-B connections. The top layer of the boar (A)d is connected to the bottom (B) and those connections can get damages by the acid leaking.