DCC822 Problem with the motor

I have a DCC822 car player, the problem with it is that after turning it off, it’s fine for a while, nothing works, but after a while the motor that drives the cassette mechanism starts and it works non-stop. The radio broke down once, it turned out that the cassette motor failed, fortunately I managed to find a new one in an electronics store in Budapest, I couldn’t get along with them, but I found a boy who speaks fluent Hungarian and I managed to buy 2 pcs of this motor. After installation, everything was OK for a few months, but after that time the motor broke again, I replaced it with the last one, and I noticed that when I put it in the car, something hums in the radio, and it turns out that this caste mechanism drive motor works all the time even though the radio is turned off. This motor is probably controlled from a hybrid system, and I am curious if it can be repaired at all. Due to the uniqueness of this equipment, the radio was removed from the car and has been on the shelf for several years. Maybe if it was possible to fix it, I would return to its use. Greetings Piotr.

Hard problem… no one?