DCC822 doesn't insert tape

I have a car radio DCC822 and it does not insert tapes. There is no sound of any motor or servo. It looks like the issue is on the dcc control print.
Does anyone know if this part can be repaired or should I try to find another 822?
Kind regards, Erik

That is a tough one.
How do you know that the issue is with the control board?


Hi Ralf,
The motors are connected to this print by the red connector. I have connected an oscilloscoop to the motor poles and there was no signal. When I powered the motor directly with 3V the tape was inserted and ejected based on the polarity.


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That is really smart.

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Update: I’ve managed to find another DCC822 with a different issue. After I swapped the mentioned print my old 822 is working again.
Regards, Erik


Great success! Please don’t throw away the rest of the DCC822 with the other issue, either it is helpful for your future problems or send it to the DCC Museum that it can help others.

Thanks. I definitily won’t throw the broken one away. A spare device can also be used as a reference on how to put parts back together again :wink: