DCC730 track numbering

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I have a question regarding the track numbering on my DCC730. When I do own recordings, the track numbering is beginning from 1 again when the other side of the cassette starts. Is it possible to prevent this and count the total number of tracks on the entire cassette?

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Does it help when you renumber the tape?


No, it starts again with Track 1 after it changes the side.

Maybe this can help you:

(from the DCC730 service manual)

Pay special attention to the numbers of the tracks on side B, so you should avoid the 3rd option.
More specific information on recording in section 2-9 of the service manual.
I haven’t got the user manual, so I can not guide you there.


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Thanks for the information, but what if i want to overwrite an already recorded cassette? So for example when I set the “Continue on B” after 43 minutes on the A side of a 90 minutes cassette, the first 2 minutes of the B side are not getting overwritten. This can be a problem if i start playback from the B side, then i will hear the first 2 minutes of the old recording. How can I wipe an already recorded DCC cassette entirely?

When I just overwrite the entire cassette with silence it creates marks on the beginning but i want to prevent that.

I use a bulk eraser for that.