DCC730 play tape not moving

My other DCC730 works correctly now (DCC730 head/pinch stuck, drawer does not open but tape plays - #11 by Max); I looked at this one closely for comparison, took out the capstan flywheels, too to properly compare.

It does everything (placing the head/pinch rollers on the tape, fast-forward, rewind) except for moving the tape while regularly playing.

The only movement happening to the tape when pressing play is a few mm from the head and pinch rollers pushing down. I will carefully check everything, and I am sure I will be able to resolve it, but maybe one of you can tell me what I could look for, i.e., which cable might be loose.

Hi Max

That is very odd as it is the capstan motor that drives the mechanism to engages the head & pinch rollers, therefore what you are saying suggests the capstan motor is rotating. Why then the tape is not moving is a mystery!
I have a capstan motor drive issue I am trying to get to the bottom of, but in my case the head does not engage with the tape as the motor refuses to rotate. When I press PLAY the deck immediately goes to STOP such as in this video from a fellow forum member:

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The smaller capstan flywheel seems to fall out down to the metal cover; what exactly does keep it in place normally? I am hesitant to remove it at the other now fully restored DCC730 because I don’t want to repeat the same mistake.

N1 and N2 in this image, iirc a small metal washer and tiny translucent plastic washer on each capstan.