DCC730 makes buzzing sound

Hello everyone, I own a DCC730 and it makes a buzzing sound when playing a DCC and also when using an analog cassette. The other one (DCC730) that I own has a minor buzzing sound only when playing a DCC. I think that it has to do with the capstan motor locking into the sync signal from the tape. Does anyone have a solution?
Thanks, Pieter

You might be right analyzing this. We have seen this before a couple of times, but are not able to determine a solution. The buzzing sounds are always there as the mechanism on the 730-951 tend to be a bit louder as they are aging, but nothing to annoying in my opinion. Maybe you can share a video of both your findings?

There is a major difference in the noise that the recorders produce.

The motor has some play. I used a drop of oil for the motor barring, first I thought it helped but later on the noise was the same.

Do you think it is the motor? You could switch them between the players easily. Alternatively we have a spare if needed…

I’ve just did some test with capacitors for adjusting the signals but that didn’t help. After that I lose the mounting screws and that helps. The rubber between the motor and chassis is not hard so that couldn’t be the problem. But loosen it slightly helps. The repairment continues. I’ll also check swapping the motors.