DCC730 head position stuck at angle 45degrees

Hello all, good evening from the Netherlands.

I’m trying to fix my DCC730 but have a problem that gives me a real head break. A have tried to find the root cause of it. Nut I can’t find it.

My problem: the player plays a high pitch sound as I try to play a tape. Sounds like the belt a DCC tape plays well from side a and if I go to b it also works, but if I go back to side gets stuck on a 45 degree angle and it just can’t turn horizontal again. I have to open the hood and take our the drive. Any idea what the cause could be?

Thank you in advance for your help.

The high pitch noise is probably a sticky pad in a cassette. This usually happens with first generation cassettes that had white pads. They get dirty and sticky and the recorder can’t pull the tape through the machine at constant speed anymore. We call this the “stick slip syndrome” and its very common. Cleaning the dirt from the pad with a sharp blade helps but it’s better to replace the pad.

The head pivoting mechanism getting stuck at 45 degrees is a different problem. I don’t know what could cause that but that sounds like a mechanical problem where two gears are meshing in the wrong place, or maybe there is a dirty contact in mechanism that makes the electronics get confused about the current state of the mechanism.


Hello Jac, thank you for your reply. I don’t think it is the tape. I spoofed a tape by pressing the triggers at closing the high pitch sound is still there. It must me something Mechanical. I’m still investigating, if anybody has an idea what it could be please let me know. Maybe it gives a direction where to find the solution.

Well today I tried to investigate what could be wrong. I can’t figure it out yet. Now I hear the selenoid "click but nothing happens. I also changed the capacitors as I did successfully at my three 900 decks before, I see a strange voltage on the rw board. I can’t write it in the picture therefore I write it here. Picture below is reverence voltage.
@8v I measure 3v
@10v I measure 4.5v
@5v I measure 1,5v

I have read these issues in the past somewhere. Is this a normal voltage when not playing?

I had the same problem with my DCC730. After I replaced the pinchrollers the head blocked when the deck switched to side B.
It turned out, that the springs under the screws, which hold the head in place were sticking out. This prevented the head from rotating freely. I loosened the screws slightly (the springs turn with them). Then the head did turn freely.


Thank you for your reply. I will check it and post the results in this thread.

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Well I have checked it. The position of the gear below the head was wrong. I fixed it. An test showed the turning of the Head.

Now I have another issue. For a Audio test I used an analog tape. Worked without problems both sides. Then I used a DCC tape, it didn’t have any audio. Only errors in the screen all 1. Then I switched back to the analog tape and the only thing I heard was a “plop” noice. It sounded like the headphone speakers went in and out continuously.

It could be the belt, I’m not convinced that it’s in good shape. I’m out of belts so I have to wait until the new arrive. To be continued…

If it was the belt, analog would still play… too slow fi.
Chances are that it is either the smd capacitors on the-read-write board (start with those if you have done them) or the head itself.

Solved it, there was an alignment problem with the head. My mistake. After that one of the pinch rollers didn’t move backwards. That was caused by a spring. It’s running like a charm. Thank you for your support.