DCC730 head/pinch stuck, drawer does not open but tape plays

I was replacing belts and pinch rollers of my DCC730, needed some attempts with the belts because I misunderstood the service manual. I finally got it right, did not screw the mechanism back in, wanted to test it before screwing it in for the 3rd time or something. But this has lead to the head and pinch rollers no longer retracting; I can play the analog tape, but when it stops, it does not make the usual clicking sound of stopping and retracting, and when I open the drawer, nothing happens because of this.

Any ideas, I hope it does not mean disassembling it to a pile of single parts, damaging the analog tape is far from ideal, but if it is the least harmful to the DCC730 I would accept that.

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You would need to track what you did during assembling it.
It will require it opening again most likely.

I have the mechanism including the tape here. I did open it as far as I went before and don’t see anything unusual, the cover where the belts are hidden behind was closed while this happened, so should not have anything to do with it.

You would have to open the back again. The latch/mechanism that controls the capstans might be stuck,

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Where can I find it? Would be logical that it is stuck.

The best thing to do is to start comparing it with your other 730 and check for differences. This is really strange.

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Can you tell me where I have to look? Is it this bar with the clips on the top of the picture that would fit in a hole in the bar. I think only one is clear on the picture, but two

I do not have one open to compare. That is why I suggest to be using your other player to compare what is going on.

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Yep, it is that thing but I am not sure if it is cause or effect on the other player. The cover was closed while it happened and it worked before.

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Hi @Max I would follow the service manual for tape salad to put the mechanism back in synch. Page 25 of the service manual. As you have the unit out of the machine, just hold the solenoid back and rotate the the capstan flywheel on your right (as you look at your attached images) clockwise until the head mechanism retracts. Just PM if you need more, I can probably video it for you tomorrow.


I did it, before I saw your post but the same way @saturn5. Thank you!