DCC730 head beyond repair?

Hi all, going through my spares I have found this head in a machine that I swear had been pulled out of a landfill site. The ribbon has completely torn at the end where it connects to the read/write board.

As you can see it is a relatively clean break and there are contact pads(?) on the ribbon that are about double the width of the traces. Has anyone been in this situation previously and tried plugging a cable, damaged like this, into connector 1800 on the R/W board and had any success. I’m thinking that the pads look a little too wide and will short with adjacent pins?

When I have a little more time I will test with a multimeter but thought I would ask here first.
Thanks in advance. :+1:

That seems not impossible, but hard at least. Never done this at the DCC Museum.

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I’m now wondering if I can somehow scratch the pads down in width or maybe even mask the tracks and apply a varnish to reduce the contact area?