DCC730 Gives same message on different heads

For a guy not knowing what he is doing (that is a short discription of myself), i am very busy with replacing trays and looking at messages in service-mode. This 730 gives on his ‘own’ head on all channels a 1…with an error rate of 20. I could not stop thinking about that, so i have a spare tray with a head, and i decided to swap of. And guess what… in service- mode it gives on all channels a 1 with an error rate of 20. This machine does not recognize heads. But…howso
?? The replacement head gives on my 951 channel 2,5 and 8 error rates…Maybe this thingy is a possible suspect ?

Before sending it on a mighty trip, i just want to know what could be wrong…

The read-amplifier or something along the lines of that?

You swapped the entire bay? That means that its not the head ad or read write amp, but possibly something on the motherboard

The goop on the main circuit board around the big capacitors is just glue, not capacitor leakage. Although theres a small chance that it eventually starts conducting, it’s not harmful. My 730 has looked like that since I bought it in 1995.

=== Jac

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Ralf, i indeed swapped the entire bay, so i think it is something ‘that is not on the bay’, so the motherboard…i still have doubts of that orange looking connector that is on the head. But the other bay is totally ok. Anyways, i will probably never know, because i am gonna sent it this week !
Jac, it must be something of that nature. Luckily i have one very reliable 951 :+1:

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