DCC730 drop-outs increasing during the runtime due to overheating

One of my DCC730 plays perfectly fine when it is cold, but starts to drop out until not playing at all anymore the longer and hotter it is running. It is over 25° C inside to start and the ventilation is not perfect so it could be normal behavior.

Are there any parts that are more temperature-sensitive when they are old compared to the new state?

That does not sound normal to me. Maybe you can spray components with freeze spray (careful). I would start with the tda read amp.

Could not reproduce it today and everything works as if nothing ever happened, it is a little bit colder so that could be the reason. And I am not a fan of @video99’s approach of artificially heating something for test purposes.

Can confirm it now, but it’s not due to heat. The pinch rollers don’t look too great, can their behavior worsen with playtime and recover during cool down?

Otherwise I assume it could be a problem with the power supply, will visually inspect it but I have huge respect for 230V and open devices so I don’t want to measure the internal voltages without an isolating transformer which I don’t have.

Normally no, but is it bad on side a and b?
Otherwise switch the rollers to see if it makes a difference.

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