DCC730/951 Remote control

Just so I don’t go crazy chasing a problem that doesn’t exist! Does anyone know for a fact that the remote control for the 951 is the same as the one for the 730? I have a 730 remote and a DD82 remote and both are interchangeable & operate each deck no problem but my 951 will not respond. I tried swapping temporarily out the IR receiver but it still won’t work! TIA

Yes they are 100% compatible. The remotes should work on the 730 and 951. It means that either the sensor is defect, or the electronics on the front panel have a problem.

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Philips used the same codes for all DCC recorders (and re-used those codes for MiniDisc recorders after the demise of DCC). So remote controls for all Philips DCC recorders (and their clones, presumably) are interchangeable.

The 730 and 951 are basically identical on the inside except the DCC951 has the ESI bus hookups. There may be minor differences between the front panel boards so that the microcontroller knows whether it’s in a 730 or 951, but any difference will be so small that it shouldn’t matter to your problem.

It’s probably possible to put an LED with a 220 ohm or 150 ohm series resistor on the signal output of the receiver to check if it’s receiving anything (even if it’s from another remote control).



Thx Dr, I have ruled out the sensor as I temporarily fitted one from a 730. I have 5 volts and ground present and the other two pins I have traced back to pin 1 and pin 17 of the front panel IC 7800, beyond this I don’t know.

We had one with the same problem.
We ended up swapping the front panel electronics from a donor, after it turned out that it was not the sensor.

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Thanks @drdcc , typically I have a spare 730 front panel but no 951 spare and they are very different as you no doubt know. :roll_eyes: