DCC600 with issues

Hi to all,

I have a DCC600 with WT02 drive that has an issue responding to commands. It will respond to PLAY and STOP on the A side, but does not respond to STOP on the B side. It shows STOP in the display, and tape stops running, but the bridge doesn’t go back to its resting position.
It’s not a logic board issue, as the drive responds the same way with a different main board.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Kind regards

So it could only be the read-write board potentially?
The head turns, so side A and B should have the same error, but side A is working.

Do you have a different Read-Write board to test?

Hi Eric,
If this isn’t the logic board, it seems to me this is a mechanics problem. Because the logic does not know correctly the state the mechanics is in. Or it sends the signal, but the mechanics do not respond.
I am not familiar (yet) with the mechanics of a dcc600, but is there some kind of state wheel in the mechanics that lets the logic know what state it is in?

Well, side B is also working, it just doesn’t respond to the STOP command. I will see if changing the r/w board changes anything.