DCC600 Wind Motor Issue

Recently bought a DCC600 which was not playing cassettes, more ingesting the tape into the mechanism. If you pressed PLAY it would play audio for about a second and then STOP, with the tape being eaten. If FFWD or REV are pressed the unit display looks like it is doing that but will STOP after about a second. There is no actual movement in the tape.

Spoke to Dr DCC who suggested it could be the gear, so I ordered one. Whilst awaiting its arrival I decided to re-belt the unit and replace the greases.

On inspection, the gear looks OK. With a DVM I can see that the wind motor is getting +10v or -10v on pressing FFWD or REV for about a second and then reverting to 0v when STOP is displayed.

My question is, it could be the motor and I intend taking it out and bench testing it, but could any of the sensors in the deck cause the CPU to select a STOP so stopping the motor from working correctly?

If the gears are ok, then it could also be the pinch rollers eating the tape.

Gears, Pinch rollers are usually the trouble makers.

I cleaned the pinch rollers ;-). I am keeping away from playing a cassette for the moment and concentrating on why the FFWD and REV are not working.

My concern is, pressing the FFWD and REV the unit display looks like it is doing that function, for about a second and then STOP is being displayed. With a multimeter I can see a 10v pulse to the wind motor but no movement in the tape. My 2 thoughts are a) motor and b) could something be turning off the motor before it can engage?