DCC600 US vs EU model


I try to understand the difference in the DCC-600 series. There has been sold a US model on eBay from the dccmuseum see the first picture. I have a DCC-600 EU with a 230-115 volt switch on it (but is see on eBay that not every EU model has this). Is this a later revision of the player because this makes the US model obsolete doesn’t it?

Greets Tom

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Usually it depended on the country region, but there are more models with the 110-240 switch then without. A little secret on the 2nd gen. The power supply just needs the voltage switch on the models that do not have it (220V only) and you could still use it at 110V. The power supply is the same.

The backplate would not have the correct cut out for this.

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Thank you very much

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