DCC600 Tape drive issues

Hi, I have a DCC600 which I bought new ! years ago and has given me good service, until now.
When I load a cassette (either audio or DCC) the take up spool is not taking up the tape as it is pushed passed the capstan, resulting in a loop of tape hanging out of the cassette.

I have replaced both of the two (visible) drive bands (in/out mechanism & capstan drive) without any effect on my issue.

I am reluctant to totally dismantle the tape drive mechanism without any assembly drawings as I am very likely going to re-assemble it incorrectly causing more damage.

Does anyone have a copy of the tape drive mechanism assembly drawings or can point me to the cause of the annoying issue??


Hi, and welcome to the forum.

Looks like the gear is broken. We have replacements for patrons of the dccmuseum and made a video about this topic.