DCC600 Recognizes ACC but not DCC?

Hi, a frustrating one here. On one of my 600’s the loading tray would stick sometimes but was otherwise ok. After a belt change the drawer worked fine but now the deck will only detect ACC tapes, DCC tapes produce the dreaded ‘no cassette’ message. I’ve given the switches a good squirt of cleaner but I’m guessing they must be ok if they are detecting ACC. I doubt the belt change has anything to do with it but fail to see how it can detect one type of tape and not the other?

Update! Out of the 50 odd DCC tapes that I have, which are mostly Philips or BASF, I have one Maxell tape and the deck recognizes this one only! I don’t know if this makes the solution easier or more complicated?

2nd update. I have another 600 which has a dud head but the mechs are ok. I removed the good red1 deck and digital board and fitted them into the known good chassis but I am still getting the ‘no cassette’ on digital tapes. Could this be a problem within the red1 deck itself?

Really strange. If you press down on the metal bar while the dcc tape is loading, does that help in any way?

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Hi Ralf, I’ve got two 600’s with exactly the same problem. Pressing the metal bar does not help unfortunately BUT if I apply a litthe pressure on the plate that rests on the loaded cassette the problem clears and the tape is free to play, etc. I ejected and reloaded the tape sucessfully without needing the pressure on the plate. Is there some adjusment needed to ensure the tape loads every time?

Thanks for your help.

Not really, but you are looking for a mechanical failure. If both have it… it might not be a coincidence?
There is a small switch on the right back (looking from the front), that could cause this, also try manually helping the wheel holding the belt, to see if the belt is correct.

@drdcc It looks like that one press on the plate was enough. Perhaps the tray didn’t like being upside down while I worked on red1 and something didn’t quite settle back when refitted back into the case. Anyway all good now, thatnks for your help.