Dcc600 problem

I have a problem after changing the gear and putting new belts. When I load a DCC cassette and want to play a tack-tack-tack sound is heard. I think that something in the mechanism is not in the right place.
I think the part that is not correctly placed is not the gear but the camwheel. Can you help me.

Hi @jean21 and welcome to the forum. Im afraid I have no experience of DCC600 (yet) but Im sure someone will be along soon who may be able to assist.

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Hi and welcome to the forum.
Was it working before?

You might want to double check if the cassette part was lowered enough in the mechanism.

It worked before when I bought it secondhand. But Then problems start to emerge As a blocked cassette which I blamed on old belts. Then I put in New belts and a New Gear. And now it does this Tack Tack sound and the Head gets stuck and I have to dissassemble the whole thing to get the cassette out. The Head is Then stuck and I need to Free it. I Will take it apart again and see if the cassette is lowered enough. What can be the cause of the cassette not lowering enough. And can this also be the cause of No sound on playback.

Hallo, I have checked everything and still the same problem.Here are pictures of camwheel. Is this mounted correctly? I have also uploaded a video with the tack tack noise. Can someone help me sort this out?

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I also had a problem with this wheel.
Do you see the notch on the left of the base?
Turn the wheel so the marker on the wheel with the square is in line with the notch, then reassemble the moving part with the head and rollers.
This might help.
see also my struggle :slight_smile: https://forum.dccmuseum.com/t/dcc600-new-gear-and-belts-and-some-problems-on-the-way-to-succes/934/2