DCC600 Optical S/PDIF input possible?


Does anyone know of a mod that would create an Optical S/PDIF input on the DCC600?
Or if it is even possible? I would love to have that option, to be able to record from fiber on the DCC600.


We did a video about this. You can create input as well as output.
@syciu knows more about creating that version as well.



The video that @drdcc posted is about a digital OUTPUT. Adding an optical digital INPUT is not as easy as a digital output because you need the ability to switch inputs somehow. But it’s not impossible.

The DCC600 uses a Mitsubishi M51581FP as receiver and transmitter for digital audio channels. That chip has two inputs: one is intended for coax and one for optical. The optical input is not used but it would be trivial to connect a TOSlink module to it. I just had another look at the datasheet and though at first I thought that RXSEL would not be usable in microcontroller mode, a closer look reveals that what it does is simply reverse the input selected by the microcontroller if it’s made low. And Philips was nice enough to use a pull-up resistor according to the DCC600 service manual, so not a lot of hacking would be required.

Here’s a cutout of the service manual with a mod to add a TOSlink input (e.g. Toshiba TORX1353). I haven’t tested this and I highly recommend verifying the datasheets of the M51581FP and your TOSlink receiver for yourself to assure compatibility before you try this.

If you don’t want to modify (and possibly damage) your recorder, it’s probably easier to just get an optical to coax converter. A quick search on Amazon shows that they are widely available for less than $20. If you buy two of those, you can use one for the input and one for the output.



I suggest getting one with a switch for the direction instead of a one-way converter.

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I’m not sure what you mean here. A switch to make the output an input? I don’t see how that would be possible.

Or do you mean an external converter that accepts coax as well as optical and has a switch to select which input to use?

I have an idea for an external device (using a Teensy or something) that converts optical to coax and coax to optical, defeats SCMS, has a USB connection to stream audio to/from a computer and an SD card reader to stream to/from SD card, and can capture DCC output including ITTS (except on 3g recorders) and record audio files to tape automatically with automatic track markers like a CD player would do. I’m going to think about this as soon as I have time.



That would be great!


Yes, if you get an external converter, get one for both ways.

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These external adapters are readily available on AliExpress.

But indeed a similar input hack like drdcc’s output hack would be nice,
(having grounding issues with pc’s and S/R-DAT)

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