DCC600 not playing

Can anyone help please. After replaceing belts on my philips DCC600 and repairing power supply switch , when i put tape in and press play the mech engages capstans spin then it stops and wont play , ff or rw.
What am i missing please. It was working years ago when last used.
Both capstans spin freely.
Mech engages.
Head moves to tape but cant see and tape movment.



You’ll have to take a closer look to see if the capstans and pinch rollers are turning.

It’s also possible that you broke the infamous 2g gear; it was originally made of soft plastic and it goes brittle and breaks. The DCC Museum has replacements at Gear set 2nd Generation « DCC Museum


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Thanks for that i will take alook at pinch rollers and gear.
I know capstans are running as ive seen them spinning.

Cheers for that.


After dismantaling deck i found the gear drive with teeth missing. So will be ordering replacement shortly as well as new rollers, might as well while decks in bits.

Many thanks for the help.


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Found the problem. New parts now orded from DCC MUSEUM.

Cheers guys.

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Great pictures of the problem. Unfortunately all the 2nd gen suffer from this.

The new gear will solve the problem.