Dcc600 not playing after new parts fitted

Philips DCC 600. After replaceing both belts, pinch rollers and the dreaded 2nd gen gear my unit still wont work.
It knows there is a tape in digital or analoge but will not stay in ffw or rrw or play. Head engages then shuts off.
Ffw or rrw moves tape as long as you keep pressing the buttons.

Am i missing something or am i slogging a dead horse.
I followed all dr. Dcc videos now im stuck.

Anyone help please

Hi Paul,

There might be a mechanical failure. Was it having the same issue before replacing the parts?
We have had this problem when the mechanism is not put back together correctly sometimes.

When you put the the two parts of the mechanism together (the parts with the gear/pinch rollers) and the sliding part, sometimes the side sensors get affected. Either brake, or loose. Double check.


Well managed to get it to ffw and rrw ok but still wont play, just shuts off. I couldnt try it before because gear was broken thats why i orded new one from yourselfs.
Had mech in my hand to see whats moving or not and all motors are running ( captans ) new gear moves into place and runs.
Im guessing sensor ( tape end one ) so it thinks tape has ended because when play is pressed and it shuts off it changes direction and tries that way.
Mech apart again. Hahaha

Anyone have a BOW sensor bar for a DCC600 as i think mines missing and thats why it wont stay in play mode.

This project is turning into a nightmare.

Tried everything all looks fine.
Fast forward and rewind ok now but still wont play.
If i use a DCC tape it sqeals before stopping.
Anologue plays for 2 sec then stops , switches sides does same then stops.

Behond me.

All wires and switches preasents , motors running, engage smooth. Lost now.

If it makes that sound on DCC before stopping, the head might push to hard into the tape.

Hi Ralf.

Problem found.

I have a sensor fault on supply reel, if i apply preasure to the board the playing will play without issues.
As for the squeak with Dcc taps i watched your youtube video and yes felt pad was dirty in the tape.
Playback sound awsom, just goto fix contact problem and machine is fixed.

Many thanks for your help and all parts arrived.

Big thumbs up.


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Sensor clip broken. Realigned sensor fixed now in place , deck now working a treat.