DCC600 no cassette

After changing the belt and gear, i now get a message 'no cassette while there is a cassette inside (goes as for acc and dcc). I probably did something wrong. I cannot see any damage.

Hi Ton! My word your unfortunate luck has no ending it seems!
With the unit switched off and the mains plug removed check the micro switches. The ones that “feels” the holes for the DCC cassettes but also the switches that checks the loading it self. If you find one that is suspicious you can drip a tiny drop of iso-alcohol into it and continue to manipulate it. Wait for it to dry before switching it back on.
I do hope that this will resolve your problem, you are in dire need of a break. I must say I respect your perseverance! You just keep soldier on!
Good luck!

Hi fretlessfender,
Thanks for your message. I bought this unit as a spare one, it only did eat up the tape. So new gear and belts, it took me a while but i managed that ( and that for an office guy!!).
I do not know what micro switches are, i think one grey cable has passed away or maybe damaged it. It is a waiste for the new gear and belts (got them today in the mail !!), but hey…who said life is easy. I just gonna get rid of this unit to the next one !
I totally have no knowledge whatsoever on electronics. I just look at electronic devises and then i hope for some miracle to happen!

Hahahahaha you are funny!

Microswitches are little switches that get triggered by a mechanical action. For instance: to let a dcc recorder know that the drawer is closed you will find a little switch at the end of the drawer… as soon as this switch is closed, the recorder knows that the drawer is in, next action!

There are plenty of those switches and they come in all kinds of shapes and forms, but don’t let this fool you. They all intend to do the same thing. Let the device know what the status of the mechanics is so that the next command from the electronic brain can commence. That is all there is to it.

If one of those switches fails though… all sorts of things might happen. And it os not allways obvious to the eye of the beholder! Everything looks fine from the outside… the drawer went in but system doesn’t respond. (The switch didn’t CLICK).
I think your “no cassette” message is such a thing. Somewhere there is a switch that doesn’t make contact… and the system rests in peace…

In fact i really hope a cable is broken, or something broke off. To search for micro-switches with my eye-sight and my knowledge of electronics is a big no no. I dont have a lot of patients (I once saved 1 cassette which was stuck in a portable player, which the player did not survive, but the cassette did!!) I better leave this alone, try to sell it cheap, and concentrate on a spare 951.

Last night i again dismantled the unit to see if i forgot something to connect, it seems all ok, so whe are back on the micro- switches.

Are those micro- switches marked on some document so i can locate these little buggers ?


Don’t worry, you are not the only one not good with 2nd gen. I feel you.

In the meantime i found a similar problem on Facebook with a comment of Jac (and pictures of the little micro-switch buggers). According to the comment of Jac there is a service-mode to test these guys. It should be pressing 'record while in service-mode but i can’t see how i can press these guys with the power on. Anyway i located 2 on the outside, for the tray indicator. These are fine while i dont get the message ‘cass blocked’.
On the inside i located one tray with 2 switches and one tray with 4 switches all located on the same ‘row’.
I tested the switches by pressing them and they all stood this test.
And i looked and looked but i can not figure out what triggers these switches. When i put in a cassette something has to press these switches down (at least one). With the naked eye i can not see what the trigger is.
If the trigger is not in it’s spot…welll…that also could be the problem.

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The answer might be in the question… not that this answer is of any help…
Maybe @drdcc can help?