DCC600 - New belt, but tray will not open

I bought a DCC600 recently, and received it by mail (otherwise I had to travel 2x160 miles).
The unit was supposed to be working, but damaged by transport. The display does not work anymore, and the tray does not open while the belt is new. Also there were some loose (broken) plastic pieces inside the unit. The tray does not move, even if I turn the wheel by hand.
I can’t remove the cover from the tray or remove the screw that holds the mechanism, for the tray is stuck and closed. I have done many repairs but can someone help me on my way to remove the cover and the mechanism?

Most likely, the engine bay is broken. That happens a lot when the unit is not well packed or simply thrown around.

You have to find a way working from the top, removing the metal side bar. If the unit is that stuck, it usually is not good news for the mechanism. The head and read/write board can still be saved.


Thanks Ralf! I will try that this weekend. I’m curious what to find.

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