DCC450 Tape Blocked

Hi, everyone, and greetings from Europe. I am new to the forum so please bear with me :slight_smile:

At the moment I am working on a DCC450 which has a cassette drawer stuck (message NO CASSETTE or CASSETTE BLOCKED.)
After repairing a badly damaged power section (cracked PBC which involved some re-building) I powered it up and the drawer was opening and closing fine. Until I inserted a cassette and, boom, the drawer got stuck. Opened it manually now it would not operate at all.
When pressing open/close there’s no response from the motor. With the cassette inside I can hear a faint noise, a few turn of the motor and then error message. The belts are OK.
On this unit I run TRAY and HOLE TEST in service mode. While the first gives me TRAY ERROR, the HOLE TEST remains stuck on message HOLE 1 OK and when I try to manually press other switches the message does not change, my guess was that it was maybe dirty/blocked therefore I took it apart checked it, cleaned it a bit and put it back together (what a pain!) but unfortunately no change. Message HOLE 1 OK’s still there. I will move on to check the 2 tray switches and let you know.
In the meantime any further advice is welcome.

Stay Home, stay Safe,
Greetings, Max

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Hi and Welcome to the community.
Is the belt still ok? What about the cam gear?


@MaxDCCLowr, welcome to the forum! I moved your post to a new topic because you have a possibly different problem than @Catweazle has.



Hi Ralf, I have replaced the belts. The cam gear (red cam under flywheels and infamous spindler) visually seems ok Maybe I should take it down and check it thoroughly. In case it’s worn out I will order it from you.

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Cheers Jac, I have just changed the title appropriately :+1:

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