DCC300 stops playing analog tape


I was given a DCC300. Tray opens up, I insert analog tape. It starts playing side A, then stops immediately and switches over to side B. It then plays for a second or so and stop. I cannot wind or rewind. Most of the times when I take the tape out, there is a little bit of tape sticking out, as if it was drawn out but the other reel was not pulling it back in. I checked the belts and they seem ok. The round metal things at the bottom of the drive are turning when I press play. The head engages. What can I do to make it work, if anything?

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The cam gear is broken.

It can be repaired. The dccmuseum has new gears.


Indeed it is, just used your guide to take it apart. Gear is missing 2 teeth. I will be taking a look at the museum see if it makes sense to order a new one. Meantime, post offices in Europe will not send international as far as I can tell.

We are in Los Angeles. USPS postal still sends anywhere.
We can also send from the Netherlands. What is your location?

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Greece, I will send you an email now.