DCC300 problems

My other machine is a DCC 300. I gather this is a second generation model which is a bit harder to work on, and doesn’t look as well built. I will have a play with that one soon. Does it also suffer capacitor failure?

Thanks for your help.


Hi,’No capacitor problems as they did not use smd.

Mostly belts, possibly the gears.

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Hi Colin,

I just moved this to a new thread to keep it organised.
The 2nd gen models usually don’t suffer from capacitor failure, it’s one or more of this three: gears, belts and less likely pinch rollers. All three are available from @drdcc.

Could you describe the exact symptoms?

I’m sorry that you have had two bad experiences with DCC so far. I watched your videos on DVCPRO, I can assure you that DCC machines are way more reliable than that.

I will need to re-test the DCC300, it’s not been used for some years. From what I remember, it plays analogue tapes fine but never had any output from DCC ones. When I’ve had some time to work on it, I’ll report back. In the mean time, I await pinch rollers for the DCC900.

(By the way, my youngest son, aged 5, is also called Max. He appears on some of my YouTube videos.)

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Good sign, the irreplaceable head is not broken.

Quick test today. Loading was poor so I replaced the loading belt. I’m not feeling the love for this model, it seems like Philips went out of their way to make it hard to work on. The capstan belt could probably use replacement but I don’t have one to hand and it is clearly good enough for testing. Cleaned the head.

It now plays both sides of an analogue cassette, it can wind both ways too. But in a DCC and it goes into an unstoppable head-fit of clonking and winding with READING on display. Even ingores STOP button other than to say STOP on display, it carries on clonking with the head going in and out. Only EJECT stops it. Don’t know what it is trying to do.



Have you tried multiple DCC tapes?. Sometimes the head needs a real scrubbing.
Does player recognize it is a DCC (dcc light comes on)?

There are several small switches inside the back of the mechanism that might need cleaning.

The tape is known good, it’s the one I’ve been listening to on the DCC900. It wouldn’t display READING if it didn’t know if was a DCC tape, so it’s certainly detecting it as such. Should I upload a video of its behavouir?