DCC300 hidden lever fine and broken clip for infrared

One of my DCC300 came apart easily without needing to touch the lever and appearently nothing did break.

However, one clip for holding the infrared sensor broke, I will try super glue to reattach it and otherwise double-sided tape will have to do the job.

I’m surprised we haven’t had more posts with broken plastic while disassembling.

The super glue broke when inserting the receiver again, but I don’t see too much of a problem with double-sided tape.

To quote @Jac from YouTube:

I can say from first hand experience that the DCC-300 was apparently designed to keep you from taking it apart, force you to buy the service manual and then STILL not only break the little lever hidden behind the front panel and a second lever that holds the remote receiver onto the mechanism, but also it adds insult to injury by NOT clearly showing in the service manual how to take it apart without breaking it, and of course by using glue (not some sort of minimal mechanical locking) for the display cover.

The DCC-300 is one of the sexiest DCC recorders of all the ones Philips ever made, but Philips rightfully deserved the bad reputation they had with service engineers.

@drdcc If this would be the only defect in a player, would you sell it as fully restored?

Fully restored for us means.
Belts, gear and pinch rollers Replaced usually.


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But such a minor internal damage would still be acceptable?

Absolutely. We should not consider that a problem.

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