DCC175 Software on Dell Inspiron 8200

Thanks Jac and Ralf for the responses.
I bought the 175 new without the cable and the cable itself separately 2nd hand on Marktplaats, so I never had the original documentation.
Documentation in dutch is no problem for me (as you’d probably already guessed :slight_smile: ). Probably not too critical, as it’s all relatively straight forward, but who knows, there might be some hidden gems to be uncovered.

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Resurrecting this thread because I’m busy doing:

…and I received a surprise yesterday!

More to come.



That has been a long time since I’ve seen a screen like this!
Oh the memories, I’m getting old guys… I admit it…

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You’ve got yourself a 175 with cable!!!

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Nice! Threads here never die, why should they? Same principle as DCC.


That’s cool isn’t it?

Alex, I have the exact same experience. I was trying a prerecorded DCC.

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Can you explain in the detail the steps you are taking?


Ralf, don’t know if you are addressing Alex or me, but what Alex describes is exactly what happens.
You can ‘dump’ side A to disk, the player stops, the software asks for filename, then continue to dump side B to disk, and then…nothing. No way to save.
Using DCC studio v1.2 by the way.


I believe this might be a bug in the software.
You save side A and B as separate files.

I am doing this from memory, but after side A you save A, abort and start the process again, just for side B. It will be two separate files.

Yes, I think so too. The software is a real pleasure to work with!
I will try tomorrow.


It’s been a bit random with me. Sometimes I’m still getting this issue, but most of the time is working OK for me now.

Did you change anything?

No, not really. It’s only a theory, but I know that I had to clean quite a few felt pads went I got into this a couple of weeks ago. So maybe I was trying to record with some disrupted bit streams that might have had an unwanted side effect?

By the way, I am using DCC studio version 1.2
I mention this, because the software that was uploaded to this forum in this thread is the 1.1 version.
There may be some improvements or enhancements.



Nobody?! I should have used the [sarcasm on] and [sarcasm off] I guess… :rofl: :rofl:

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I did not read it as sarcasm lol.
Personally I think the software is great, but viewing it in the 1995 setting.being in software development at that time, it is really amazing what this software can do.

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Same here. It has its flaws but for 1995 it was a nice program with interesting features and good performance. If you used an audio editing program in 1995 and recorded a 1 hour audio file to disk and wanted to make some small cut/copy/paste type changes, it would have taken forever to do those edits because the program would probably have had to copy the entire audio file for each edit.

I also seem to remember that it crashed Windows a lot less than some other Windows programs that I used back in the day.

I talked to one of the engineers who worked on the program a while ago (Ralf got me in contact with him and he was going to donate some source code but decided not to, unfortunately), and he was surprised to hear me tell him all that. I guess there were some big plans that never got realized, and on closer inspection you can see a lot of places where things could have been improved if there would have been a 2.0 version. I think the project got preempted by the demise of the DCC format. I distinctly remember reading that Philips considered making more cables because they were sold out so fast, but then decided not to.

=== Jac