DCC175 problem

Hi, I am a newbie to this forum. I have a problem with my portable DCC175. When I load a DCC cassette with battery loaded in it and want to play a tape and I press the stop/off or play/side button only the message ‘Charging’ appears on the display, but nothing happens. The DCC player refuses to turn on and does not play any cassettes.

I guess the battery died after 20 years of not using the device? But if I remove the battery and press Play/Side button the display remains blank.

Anyone have an idea? can anyone help and advise me what could be wrong?

Could just the battery be dead and replacing it could solve the problem or is there more to it?

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Hi and Welcome.
Most likely there is more to it. If you press play can you hear a soft noise coming from the engine?
Sometimes you ear has to be close to the player. If you hear a spinning sound, it might only be the belt.

If you do not hear anything, then further investigation is required. It could be mechanical (switch) or a electronic problem on the audio board. We are happy to help and take a look at it if needed.

Hi Wisdom,

Also welcome to the Forum.
Where are you From ?
Maybe i can help.


Most likely the belt. This can be replaced.
Forget the battery, but that can also be replaced if you want to play your DCC175 on the go.


Most likely the belt. This can be replaced.

That’s something i can do.
And …

USB-C Rechargeable :slight_smile:



@Andre_Heskamp where did you get that?

@pvdm Made It myself.

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Nice work. What’s inside?