DCC170 Issues

Its been a good day so far, received a DCC951 and a DCC170. Thankfully the 951 was just a stuck DCC cassette and a clean and belt seems to have sorted that out.

The 170 is a different item. It displays “charging” and will tell me if HOLD is selected but not a lot else. My assumption was, if the belt was faulty, it would try and power, then STOP. This does nothing like that so looking for some advice.



The DCC170 won’t power up if there’s no cassette in the recorder.

If you did put a cassette in and it still won’t power up, most likely the problem is that the lid sensor isn’t working (which can often be fixed with a piece of sticky tape), or the cassette-in switch (which is located where analog cassettes have the recording inhibit hole) isn’t working.