DCC170 after replacing the belt. not working

Before I replace the driving belt, the display lit and having symbols.

After replacing the belt, display doesn’t lit anymore, except when charging the battery.

With a DCC tape the motor spins and stops and the tape transport is moving back and forwards, meaning they switch from side A to side B this goes on for a while.
Display keeps blank.
But when recharge the battery, in the display appears Charging.
Thus that is okay.

What goes wrong, can someone help me out?

Hi Henk, I have had more or less the same issue with my dcc170. It could be bad capacitors. When I soldered the new capacitors on the audio board I accidentally fixed one not probably. This resulted in playing for a few second, switching to side b and stops after approximately two seconds. I resoldered the capacitors and it is working since. Change the capacitors they are EOL anyway. Keep us posted on your progress.

Thank you Roelvv,
I follow the service manual did everything to do.

With no change in effect, even worse why the display not even give the message power on/of and play etc.
Only when I let charge the battery.

I know there’s always a risk when I start to replace the belt.

About capacitors, they goes no direct defect after replacing a belt.
It must be something else, I’ll guess.

Sure it is, I jammed the SU01 switch on the motor-pc.
Because it is bend in in on way.
So I must try to repair the switch in one of the other way.

But are these switches available?

Hi and welcome,
That is why we made over 150 videos, to prevent this from happening to you, It did happen to us as well and can be repaired.
We do have the switches at the museum. Contact us at [email protected] for more info.

Hi drdcc,

I’ll contact with given email next year.

Simply to get some rest at end of this year.
Can tell you that I (dis)assemble my DCC170 3 times and is pretty frustrating to me, because I have to big hands compared to the nuts and bolds etc.

About, final disassemble I check everything because it refused to power-on.
The reason was the slider microswitches in the cassette compartiment (from motorprint) was bendet a little, silly me.
So after correcting this my DC170 starts to play.
Happy me.

The switch FWD, PLAY, REW switch I could recover a bit with the help of 1-second glue.
(Don’t touch that with your fingers)
Then with a drop of Kontact spray for a better working (for the time being).

But yeah I will a new switch… next year.

Email send to drdcc.

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