DCC170/175 battery cell replacement


For who is interested, I made a video how I replace the battery cells of a DCC170/175 battery with new one’s.

DCC 170/175 battery cell replacement

Greets Tom

Great Job. Thanks for sharing. The reason why the lid at the end is not closing is because with the new batteries it has to fit like a glove and with the shrink you are using, you might just be out of spec.
Also the spot welding has to be spot (lol) on. If the batteries are not perfectly in alignment, it will cause a problem. We have encountered the same problem a few times. If the lid is not closing with a cassette inside, it means the battery has gotten to wide. It is not a big problem often, as you can manually force the slider back in place. But sometimes even that does not help.

There is a trick you can do (but you did not hear this from me…). Put the battery in a vice and start squeezing until it fits. You can’t overdo it as this will damage the batteries, but imperfections in alignment can be corrected this way.



Thank you very much, I am going to try this and I will let you know if it works out for me. Its a very precisely job but I think its worth the effort. Essential are good tools and a spot welder, I don’t think it can be fixed without that.

Greets Tom